Family Life Center

Welcome to the Recreation and Community Outreach Ministry of First Baptist Church Norman. We are excited to offer activities and programs to our church family as well as reaching out and involving our community in recreation and sports. We want the Family Life Center to be a multi-generational facility where everyone feels welcome. It is our mission at the Family Life Center to love people, teach the word and live the journey.



The Family Life Center is open to members of First Baptist Church and their guests, those enrolled in the Minister’s Program and Community Members. There are no fees for active church members with the approved form on file.

Community Membership

• $35 semi-annual fee: Use of track

• $50 semi-annual fee: Use of track, locker room, racquetball court, gym, game room but not the Fitness Center

Basketball from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.

• $125 Semi-annual fee: Use of the Fitness Center, track, locker room, game room, racquetball courts, and gym

Minister’s Program

• For local, church staff and immediate family

• $25 Semi-annual fee per person

• Use of track, racquetball court, locker room, game room, gym, and Fitness Center

Low-Impact Exercise

Meets on Tuesday, Thursday at 10:00 a.m. -10:40 a.m.


Meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday  8:00- 9:00 a.m.

Cost:$40 for 10 session or $4 per session. The first session is free!



For More Information, call the Family Life Center at 360-5300.


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Developmental Gymnastics

Registration Starts August 1Visit the Family Life Center to register. 

Download Gymnastics Registration Form Here

School Year 2018–2019

Classes are offered each Tuesday and/or Thursday during the school year for boys and girls ages 3 to 14. The program is designed to teach each child as many skills as possible in a safe supportive atmosphere.

TUESDAY SCHEDULE, beginning September 4

Time Ages Level
10:00–10:45 Ages 3–6 ALL LEVELS
10:55–11:40 Ages 3–7 ALL LEVELS
3:40–4:40 Ages 4–11 At least one year of gymnastics
4:45–5:35 Ages 3–12 ALL LEVELS
5:40–6:40 Ages 7–15 Intermediate/Advanced

THURSDAY SCHEDULE, beginning September 6

Time Ages Level
10:00–10:45 Ages 3–6 ALL LEVELS
10:55–11:45 Ages 4–13 ALL LEVELS
3:40–4:40 Ages 4–11 ALL LEVELS
4:45–5:35 Ages 3–11 ALL LEVELS
5:40-6:40 Ages 7-14 Intermediate and Advanced


  • $40/month for the 45/50 minute classes for one day a week

  • $70/month for the 45/50 minute classes for twice a week

  • $45 a month for the hour classes for one day a week

  • $80 a month for the hour classes for twice a week

There is no enrollment fee.


Parents may stay and watch if QUIET and stay in the bleachers. Children that are not participating in our class need to stay in bleachers or taken outside to watch through the window

Leotards are REQUIRED for the intermediate and advanced classes and encouraged for all other classes. Bare feet & legs

Boys wear shorts and a T-shirt. Bare feet & legs

• Long hair needs to be pulled up or back out of the way

No gum or candy is allowed

Students are enrolled through May

Classes are held at the First Baptist Church Family Life Center, 303 W. Comanche St., 2 blocks south of the Norman Public Library

• Student/teacher ratio is approximately 1 to 6


If your child has to miss a class because of illness or travel he/she is welcome to make that class up in one of our other classes. Must call the FLC, 360-5300.


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