Many missionaries have come out of our fellowship over the years. This is a legacy in which we can take pride, and it can motivate and encourage us to continue this great tradition.

The high example of previous generations should be the motivating factor for successive generations to support missions through praying, giving and going.

In addition to foreign missions, our church also is engaged in local ministries and events that touch the hearts of internationals that live in communities around us. It is, therefore, possible to be active in an international ministry here in Norman.


Destinations LifeGroup|||||International Ministry|||||Mission Trips

Destinations LifeGroup

Each Sunday Morning at 9:40 a.m. our missions LifeGroup meets in room B-9. This is a Bible study class that emphasizes missions. We pray for missions, look for mission activities and promote missions in our larger church. The missions minister directs this class. Steve Wilson is our teacher.

Did you know…

First Baptist members or family members have served in the following countries:

1. China 12. Malaysia 22. India 32. Ecuador
2.North Africa 13. U.K. 23. Italy 33. Honduras
3. Thailand 14. Belgium 24. Mexico 34. Kenya
4. Czech Republic 15. Bangladesh 25.Panama 35. Venezuela
5. Kazakhstan 16. Colombia 26. Peru 36. Nepal
6. Ghana 17. Bolivia 27. Romania 37. Chile

7. Brazil

18. Guatemala 28.Uganda 38. Cambodia
8. Jordan 19. Costa Rica 29.Bosnia 39. Nigeria
9. Russia 20. Haiti 30. Argentina 40. Singapore
10. Madagascar 21. Hungary 31. Togo 41. Paraguay
11. Indonesia

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International Ministry

Our international ministry seeks to minister to people of all countries, cultures and races, showing them the love of Jesus and the acceptance of the Christian community.

Friendship International

Friendship International is ESL instruction for non-English speakers. We offer four different levels of assistance to those who need to learn English. Classes meet each Thursday morning during the school year from 9 to 11:15 a.m. and are free to the participants. For more information, call 321-1753.

Host Family Program

Each year we participate in the FIS host Program at OU. Families in our church host International students that have come to OU to study. We help them adjust to our city and include them in activities that make them feel at home here. Students do not live with the host family, they live in campus housing. If you would like to be a host, call 321-1753.

Home LifeGroup

We have an international home life group that meets the first and third Friday night of each month at 7 p.m. for dinner and fellowship.

Sunday Morning LifeGroup

Our International Friends Sunday School class meets each Sunday morning at 9:40 a.m.

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Mission Trips

To give a sense of what is involved in an International mission trip, take a look at this short video from just a few years ago…

KENYA 2009


Application Form for FBC Mission Trips

Download this PDF form, fill out and return as soon as possible.

Every person that goes on a trip with FBC must fill out this application. You will be approved for the trip by the missions committee. Medical information and your personal testimony of faith in Christ is included.

After you are approved, you will make a down payment of $250, and sign a contract for the trip.

Support Request Form

To ask for financial support from the Missions Ministry Team, please download this PDF and return the completed form to the FBC church office as soon as possible.

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