Bikes and Bibles, Oh My!

Posted by Angela Atkins on

The Bike Shop

Twice a week a group of guys works in our bike shop, repairing donated bikes to distribute to people in need of regular, inexpensive transportation though our Bikes and Bibles program. Since its inception in 2004, we have given out over a thousand bicycles—212 in 2014 alone. This past month our team has spent a lot of time organizing their shop because we were completely out of bikes for them to repair. 

This week the shop is full again. We received a large donation from the OU Facilities Management department, as well as donations from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s office and a few church members. These donations give them bikes to work on, and more importantly, bikes for us to distribute.

This ministry is one of my favorites because it is one that opens doors. It opens doors for those who get a bike, giving the opportunity to find and accept jobs because they now have regular transportation. It helps struggling high school students have reliable transportation to school. It also open doors for each of them to enter our church, often for the first time, to learn about our ministries and the God we serve. Many of those applying for a bike are new to our community and are really struggling, and yet we might never cross paths or know how we can help without that first meeting at the bike appointment.  

It is amazing what God can do with an old bicycle from a garage, campus, or police impound yard!

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