Catalyst is Coming

Posted by Dr. Wade Smith on

Catalyst begins Sunday, Sept. 6! 

I am excited about the opportunity for our worship and LifeGroup ministries to explore what it means to be a Catalyst for Jesus ChristIn science, a catalyst is a change agent, something that causes or accelerates a reaction. In life, Catalysts brings about change as well. Their influence, work and generosity make possible and facilitate transformation. Catalysts are difference-makers. Through their generosity of time, resources and presence, they change lives, redeem brokenness and reconcile differences.

Of course, Jesus is the ultimate Catalyst, not only facilitating our transformation, but calling us to be Catalysts as well. The Scriptures speak of the practices and disciplines of Catalysts. Over the next weeks, we will consider these stories and passages. In this season of study and worship, let’s ask the Lord to stir the hearts of our congregation so that we might be Catalysts for Jesus Christ in more pronounced and effective ways. As a result, may God lead us to greater levels of devotion to Him and His Church, and of service to our neighbor. The Catalyst series runs September 6-October 4.  

As Labor Day weekend approaches, let us give thanks for our work, but let us also consider how our work can be a Catalyst for change and transformation.

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