Cross Story 5: Polly Dvorak

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Polly Dvorak hopes that you are reminded of the differences among us when you look at the cross she lent us. It's a freestanding cross made of wood sitting on the floor just to the right of the middle of the display. It gives off this interesting 3-dimensional kind of idea, which helps you to see the cross from every angle. In addition, it has some rocks at the bottom of it, reminiscent of the rocks at the base of Jesus' cross.

As with many of our crosses, someone special made this for Polly - her son. He loves being artistic, and this artistic talent seems to have been passed down from his grandfather Dvorak. He was a painter, furniture builder, and antique restorer - someone who was gifted with his hands. He lived in Austria until he family immigrated when he was a teenager, but he continued to repair old things in general, then passed off some of his artisanship to his grandson.

She has kept it on her buffet since she got it five or six years ago, and loves that it's original, interesting, and unusual. She hopes that it evokes different thoughts from different people, with the hope that something this different can still represent Jesus in spite of how different it looks!

I wonder what you'll think about whenever you walk by!