Grant offers infant formula for CCFI

Posted by Shana Adkisson on


Thanks to a $5,000 grant from Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Ministries Council, First Baptist Church has been working with Center for Children and Families to provide baby formula for the organization’s Bringing up Babies program.
“The program is a voluntary in-home visitation program that provides parenting education, child development, and connects families to resources in the community,” said CCFI’s Family Education Coordinator Lisa Linke. “We have many families that do receive WIC services, however the formula provided doesn’t last through the month.”
Linke adds that CCFI also offers assistance to teen parents and, on occasion, will have individuals come to the agency that are in dire need for assistance. 
According to Angela Atkins, FBC Minister of Community Ministries, because of the grant the church is able to give around 18 containers of formula to CCFI each month.
“The cans help to fill the gap when WIC resources have been depleted. Our hope is to help mothers and families provide for their child and relieve some of the burden on them as they struggle to survive on limited resources,” Atkins said. "Each canister also includes a label identifying other resources our church offers, such as our food and clothing assistance."