One of Our Outstanding Mentors

Posted by Angela Atkins on

Six years ago, our church adopted the Kids Hope USA mentoring program as a way to help at-risk children in one of our local schools. That first year we had seven mentors. Now we have twenty one, including four of those first seven. 

When asked by the Boren Mentoring Initiative to pick one of these mentors as our outstanding mentor of the year, I chose Barbara James, who has been one of our mentors for four years. She started with a third grader named Kathryn. Through that relationship, Barbara became a pivotal person in the life of Kathryn and her mom. Kathryn in now in 6th grade, but they still meet each week to chat and make sure she is staying on top of her schoolwork.

In addition, Barbara chose to mentor a new student at Lincoln, a kindergartener. It has been a learning curve as she adjusted to working with this much younger student, but her persistence and patience has paid off. The girl is more interested in school work and learning to read, and is more motivated and attentive than at the beginning of the year. Thank you  Barbara-- and all of our mentors—for your faithfulness, creativity, and love for the students you meet with each week!


 Barbara Receiving a Certificate of Appreciation

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